F16 Aqua All-in-One fill light outdoor torch

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The F16 Aqua All-in-1 has the flexibility to be configured with an alternative light head with broad and even coverage specifically for underwater photography or reading purposes.

This optional configuration includes two warmer 31º 3200k and 4500k color temperature heads with Nichia LEDs with a color rendering index greater than 93, suitable not only for photographic fill light, but also for domestic lighting , catering to the needs of active users like you.

In addition, we have paired it with a Kids Puzzle Tripod, which is not only very practical, but also exercises children's hands and intelligence.

Multi-functional use


F16 ALL-IN-ONE 6966-003 outdoor torch

Dual head configuration, IP68 waterproof up to 30m underwater, suitable foroutdoor camping, reading,photography or videography,diving, etc.


600 lumens /95 lumens/55Lumens(CREE LED)



Luminous angle

31 degrees

Max. range



IP68 rated up to 30m underwater

Included in the box



USB-C Adapter

USB-C to USB-C Charging Cable


Waterproof Ring


About F16-6966-003

Easy to use

Kids Puzzle Tripod

Open 2 to take out 3 and 4.

UNC1/4-20 Nut

1 2 3 4 5 all in contact with each other UNC1/4-20.

Easy Connection

12345 is interconnected according to the corresponding position.

Note: If used to insert the ground, simply twist 3 into the hole on the lower side of 2.

Easy to disassemble

3 and 4 can be incorporated into 6 after disassembly.