Why the F18

Yellow light is commonly used in diving to improve visibility in low-visibility waters. When water conditions are cloudy or turbid, yellow light has proven to be more effective in penetrating water compared to other colors.

With a wavelength between 570 and 590 nanometers, yellow light absorbs and scatters less in water. As a result, it can travel farther in the water column, allowing divers to see and navigate their surroundings more clearly even in low-visibility conditions.

In this environment, yellow light also enhances contrast, improving the visibility of objects and helping divers distinguish between different elements. This enhanced contrast is critical to safety, as it allows divers to identify potential hazards or obstacles in their path.

To facilitate diving in low-visibility waters, we have introduced the F18 Special Custom Edition, a dive light designed specifically for this purpose. It uses a highly efficient CREE XPL LED with a color temperature of 4000k and a wavelength of 590nm. The F18 Custom Edition emits a concentrated beam of 6-degree yellow light underwater, maximizing its effectiveness when searching or operating in areas with low visibility.

In addition, it comes with six LG18650 batteries, providing the same type of energy cells as the TESLA car. This ensures that the light works in two modes: 15 hours underwater and 25 hours. In addition, the F18 combines the expertise of our technical team to perfect the 5-layer waterproof back cover structure using the experience the company has accumulated since 2010. This design guarantees seamless waterproofing and facilitates the quick charging of the phone's TYPE-C.

The F18 Custom Edition is ideal for specific underwater environments that require long, uninterrupted operation.

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