As an underwater worker, having a powerful torch gives me great peace of mind.

Underwater Operation

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The sea is boundless and magnificent, and at the moment it is as if you were standing at the centre of the world.

Sea Sightseeing

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Pier inspection

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The bright light gives me immense peace of mind every time I go underwater to check.

Underwater exploration

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Underwater torch


Depth to 120m underwater,16H continuous operation on full charge, it never disappoints!

FITECH IP68 U-Search TorchFITECH IP68 U-Search Underwater torch

F13 6988 Underwater torch

FITECH IP68 U-Search Torch

- Product features:Deep dive (120m), Super Endurance, Strong Light, Long Range.
-Suitable for:1,underwater search light. 2,boating . 3,border patrol. 4,coast guard . 5,park rangers. 6,fiel work in remote areas. 7,inspection-bridge. 8,search and rescue. 9,adventure 10,commercial fishing. 11, underwater hunting. 12,cave explore, etc.

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This is a great product and it has surprised me in so many unexpected ways.


Omni-zoom is a detail-oriented company, and they will improve on the product even if there is a minor problem with the feedback.


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Output Distance




Connection runtime





To 120m underwater

To 30m underwater

To 100m underwater

Colour temperature



White 6500K/Red

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Our vision is enrich the meaning of life in the lighting field and lead a different life.

Designed & developedin Germany,the positioning and social value of Products——

1. Waterproof up to Fitech IP68 .

2. Professional, Precisely beamed light effect for atmosphere .

3. Energy storage and intelligent functions 

4. Flexible light