FITECH IP68 Lighting Solution

-Multi-functional design: suitable for cycling, diving, reading and fill light, even as a backup power source for charging mobile phones;

- Super waterproof design: IP68 waterproof rating, up to 30m underwater;

F16-6966-001 Rescue light


F16 Aqua All-in-One outdoor riding torch

To meet the different needs of underwater and outdoor enthusiasts, the F16 Aqua All-in-1 is designed to be waterproof up to 30 meters. In addition, it features two interface options integrated in the flashlight housing. The first is a standard interface with 1/4 screw, making it compatible with the camera accessories. The second is the push-to-lock interface, which includes a "locking" feature. By utilizing the push-to-lock interface with a dedicated Bicycle clip, the torch can be instantly transformed into a Bicycle light.

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F16 Aqua All-in-One 6966-002 Diving Torch

The F16 ALL-IN-ONE 6966-002 dive light offers maximum lumens per dollar
spent. Perfect for vacations, it's ideal for exploring beneath ledges and into
wall cracks. It also serves as a reliable backup or secondary light for
advanced night diving. With its impressive brightness, it reveals hidden
details underwater. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced diver, the F16
6966-002 delivers exceptional value and performance. Compact and versatile,
it's a must-have for underwater adventures. Take the F16 ALL-IN dive light with
you on your next trip and enjoy its unparalleled illumination, uncovering the
mysteries of the underwater world like never before.

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