F18 Mamba

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 FITECH IP68 U-Search Light F18 Experience the ultimate in underwater exploration and engineering work with our state-of-the-art, design-led 120m submersible torch. Designed to deliver superior performance and reliability, this cutting-edge flashlight will illuminate your underwater adventures like never before.

 Featuring a sleek and ergonomic design, this dive torch not only offers optimal functionality, but also adds a touch of style to your dive gear. The compact and powerful double switch double safety design ensures easy and maneuverable underwater operation, allowing you to navigate the deep sea with confidence.

 This flashlight uses advanced LED technology to emit a bright and focused 6-degree beam, while you can also choose from different white and yellow lights depending on the underwater environment of your dive.

 Built to withstand the rigors of underwater exploration, this flashlight has a durable construction and is waterproof to 120 meters, ensuring reliable performance even in deep-sea diving. Its rugged design is also corrosion resistant, making it suitable for both salt and fresh water environments.

 Equipped with a long-lasting LG Energy battery and 15- and 25-hour dual on/off controls, this dive flashlight makes it easy to switch and control dive time, allowing you to focus on your engineering work without worrying about running out of power.

Single Handle Size, Non-slip design

Senseless Gravity Balance Design

F18 head designed to match cup holder to Evian size


FITECH IP68 U-Search Light F18

FITECH IP68 U-Search Light F18, work underwater at 120m depth, up to 25 hours continuous use , Max 500m range, with LG batteries and CREE LED, suitable for underwater search、boating、inspection-bridge etc.dge etc.


Output: 1000 lumens / 400 lumens

Batteries:6 x 18650 Li-Ion (3500mah each 2.75-4.2v) LG UL approved

Diameter: 300mm (length) x 48mm (body diameter) x 70mm (head diameter)


Run Time: 15H / 25H

Luminous angle: 6 degrees

Product Weight: 954g


Mar Distance: 500m

Material: Aerospace aluminium alloy 6061-T6 + polycarbonate

Package:345mm X 145mm X 90mm


Waterproof: IP68 rated up to 120m underwater.

Finish: Type III hard anodised

Lens: Vacuum aluminised lens


LED Model: CREE XPL-W2 10W 6500K

Switch mode: High/Medium/SOS

Warranty Details: Limited Lifetime Warranty


USB-A Adapter

USB-A to USB-C Charging Cable


Waterproof Ring